About Us

Evolution of BITE IN NITE…

The concept of BITE IN NITE has not evolved overnight. The evolution of BITE IN NITE has a very interesting story to it. The founders faced severe food crunch problems while they were working in the night shift. They were unable to find good quality food at reasonable rates in the late hours of night in Mumbai. Some places did serve food but had high delivery charges or had unjustified conditions. This conditions made them start a company which solved all this problem. The founders understood the food industry well and all that it takes to reach out to the night owls at home and office desperately waiting to eat something tasty and healthy. As quoted “We know how hungry Night owls look like and sound like????These looks and sounds made us restless and we came up with “BITE IN NITE”. A company exclusively dedicated to the hard working professionals who long for quality food in the darkness of the night.” BITE IN NITE is based on three strong fundaes –serve hot, serve fresh and serve with super-fast integrated delivery management system. We believe in serving you fresh, enticing and tasty food in just 2 clicks in the minimum time period and at the time when no one serves …

We understand that hunger knows no time …

We serve luscious food freshly prepared in our kitchen by our expert chefs. You can munch on our Chocolate sandwiches, pan pizza or Greek burger, have a light meal of salads or treat yourself a Desert –we serve you all. You need not browse through the menu of number of restaurants or take the risk of trials and errors. Mouth -watering food and delish deserts are now available in the phone lying next to you. Order food of your choice on all days of the week.

We understand hunger!!

We understand your hunger pranks while working in a night shift. We intend you to provide you with affection and wholesomeness. Grab a kurkure chips paratha or enjoy a three pepper bread anytime in the night hours.

We understand darkness!!

You would not need to wander in the streets to find a ‘thaila wala’ selling unhygienic or day’s left over food or neither suffer because of the boring canteen food. Just download our app and order varieties of preparations like chicken pot pie, veg fried rice, cheese bites or a well-cooked Biryani.

We understand the pressure!!

We understand the value of time and pressure of work both. What can be a better option to order food online on your desktop and bite it while also handling your work?